Step By Step Online Enrollment Instruction

  1. Once on our website,, click on schedule and enrollment menu tab at the top.
  2. Then click on your location of studio .
  3. Click on the “View Schedules Tab” and you will see all our classes listed in each studio with times, style and teacher .
  4. Find your class and click the “sign up” button . You will then be redirected to our secure software , Mind and Body online .
  5. You will need to create a parent login and password and save it. Then complete the registration form with contact info . Add your child’s name and birthdate as the student.
  6. Click continue and you will get a prompt for our school policy which you will need to read and accept online . (We will also send you a DocuSign for your approval of the school policy via email)
  7. Then a request for your billing information will come up . Add a valid CC with valid expiration date.
  8. Final step is to click the blue “Enroll Student name ” button for submitting your enrollment .

You will get auto email confirmation and then our admin will process your enrollment manually and set you up for auto pay and tuition payments as per school policy. You can then start the class.

For any enrollment questions or concerns please contact our admin, Nirali Patel.

Nirali Patel
Business Operations Manager
Availability:  Monday, Tuesday, Friday 4:00-7:00PM