vkvkWelcome to Nritya Creations Academy of Dance.

We are an award winning,  premier Dance Institute and Performing Company that  has imparted the passion of learning, performing and excelling in dance to students since 1994 when the school was first founded by Meena Basu Nag. Since then, our  institute  has demonstrated a track record of continued success by winning numerous trophies and awards at major dance competitions and receiving invitations to prestigious cultural shows and corporate events. Our class offerings range from classical  Bharatanatyam dance  to  western Ballet , Jazz and Hip Hop  and  energetic Bollywood Fusion. For toddlers, we offer a  Preschooler’s Dance Movement Class and for adults,we offer adult bollywood fusion classes.  We also offer private classes for Weddings and other events. Our student performing dance company and  our  professional Nritya Creations Performing Dance Company (NCPC)   specialize in creative fusion choreography that artistically blends various styles of Indian Dance such as Bharatanatyam, Oddissi, Manipuri and Kathak with Western Dance forms such as Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Hip-Hop as well as other cultural dance forms like  Bollywood, Ballroom, and Flamenco. Through its cross cultural collaboration in choreography,  Nritya Creations prides itself in creating a unique and wonderfully pleasing experience of sight and sound.   With a faculty of highly-qualified, caring and ethnically diverse dance experts, students are trained seriously in technique  and eventually blossom into graceful and versatile dancers as they mature and grow in the  program.


Nritya Creations has won Best Choreography, First Place Trophy and Best Costume Awards  in the prestigious  Naya Andaz  Dance Competitions from 2007 to 2014 and has been judged by notable choreographers such as Farah Khan, Saroj Khan, Longinus Fernandes, Manisha Koirala, Bipasha Basu  and other bollywood celebrities.  Nritya Creations Academy of Dance has performed at the Amitabh Bachchan Unforgettable Bollywood Tour, Sunidhi Chauhan Concert and  other notable Bollywood productions.  The Performing Company has been invited to perform at the United Nations for UN dignitaries , Award Gala honoring Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen,  South Asian Theater and Dance Festival at NJPAC , Charity Benefit with Miss America, Nina Davuluri and  Diwali Celebrations at the NJ Governor’s Mansion.

Our  Mission:

To provide Excellence in Technique based dance training to our diverse students from ages 3 to adulthood with a disciplined and structured approach in teaching both classical Kalakshetra Bharatanatyam  and Western dance technique that includes Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. This cross cultural dance training provides our students with the necessary  fundamental dance skills to be well rounded strong dancers and also prepares them for our cross cultural Fusion and Bollywood choreography.

Our Dance Style:

The creative dance style of Nritya Creations artistically blends various styles of Indian Dance such as Bharatanatyam, Oddissi, Manipuri and Kathak with Western Dance forms such as jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop and other cultural dance forms to create a unique and wonderfully pleasing experience of sight and sound. This style of dance is innovative and contemporary yet has the inherent grammar of Classical Indian dance. Graceful body movements, formations and poses are blended with vibrant steps and modern dance movements.

Why Join Nritya Creations?

Nritya Creations has imparted the passion of learning, performing and excelling in dance to youngsters since 1994 when the school was first founded by Meena Basu Nag. Ever since then, Nritya Creations students have demonstrated a track record of continued success by winning numerous trophies and awards at major dance competitions and getting invited to prestigious cultural events, fundraisers and shows. With a faculty of highly qualified, caring and ethnically diverse dance teaching experts, we are positioned uniquely and very strongly to continue our legacy of building very strong well rounded dancers who become life long advocates of this art-form.

Our graduating students have gone on to become leaders in their collegiate dance teams, choreographers, assistant teachers, or have chosen to minor in dance at the college level. The secret of our success is that we take pride, time and care to teach the proper grammar and fundamentals of dance technique (the A, B, C’s of Dance) to all our students which is the foundation upon which their future laurels will grow. Our students find it very easy to apply their strong dance foundation to the popular BOLLYWOOD and Fusion styles as demonstrated by their extraordinary success in BOLLYWOOD shows and competitions. Our curriculum provided students with levels of certification in both Indian Classical Dance and Western Dance allowing them to achieve excellence in today’s multi-cultural diverse artistic environment.


Nritya Creations Testimonials

I think Nritya Creations is a very nice place to learn dance because the teachers are very nice, they are determined to help you, and they never let you down. Even if it takes some time to get the step right they take the time to help you. Nritya Creations is also a very nice place to learn dancing because there is usually always a level before you that is amazing at dancing and they too can be very inspirational to watch. They make you want to get up to the level as fast as you can. Lastly, Nritya Creations is the best place to learn dance because the teachers who create the dances always make the moves graceful and elegant and all the kids who are in the team show their energy and perfection by executing them correctly. I'm so proud to be part of Nritya Creations!!

Hetal K.

My daughters 3+ years journey in Nritya Creations has been very beautiful, rewarding , motivating and extremely satisfactory. My daughter was given the opportunity to join the performing team in her first year and since then I can see her dancing skills evolving with each class, performance , competition and show. The school offers a perfect blend of classical and modern dance .The teachers in Nritya Creations are extremely talented , very dedicated and motivating . We are very proud to be part of Nritya Creations family and wish it all the best!!

Neeti A

“By joining Nritya Creations Academy of Dance, my daughter truly learned the art of dancing. By combining many techniques and styles, the school transforms a song into a creative and breath taking performance that mesmorizes the audience. Because the final dance is so awesome, my daughter loves going to classes and learning new steps every week. She has been with the school for 3 years, and we look forward to more.”


“My daughter is learning dance from Nritya Creations. She came from another dance school and I have seen drastic improvement in her performance. All the teachers are talented and very dedicated. Nrityacreations, creates lot of opportunities for the kids to perform in diffrent stages and participate in major competitions. I am very happy with my daughter’s progress. I would recommend Nritya Creations to any one who is serious about learning dance. The qualityof dance is excellent. I am so blessed that my daughter is a part of Nritya Creations Family.”


Being with Nritya Creations for fourteen years, I have been able to grow not only as a person but as a strong dancer. NC has spurred my passion for dancing so much that I plan to continue dancing with the team when I go to college this fall. With this year's Naya Andaz 1st place and 3rd place win, I feel so honored to be with Nritya Creations for all these years.

Crystal J.

“Nritya Creations has been the most effective and admirable environment for fostering my child’s creative spirit and allowing growth in a supportive and structured way. The classes are always well-organized and the children have the perfect opportunities to perform in a comfortable setting where friendly competition is encouraged and appreciated, allowing for further growth and realization of greater potentials.”


We moved from another dance school and have been very happy here. Teachers at Nritya, not only helped my son perfect his technique, but also exposed him to many styles of dance. Nritya staff is very professional, mature and responsible with respect to kids safety and care. We would definitely recommend this school to anyone from beginner to advanced student.

Mamta G.

"This dance school is a personal favorite!! I have seen my friend's daughter win Naya Andaaz for last three years!! Meena works hard with the kids and the dances are authentic and creative!!"

Komila P

My daughter has been with Nritya Creation for the last 5 years and started when she was just 7! She loves to dance and perform! With Nritya Creations, she has been exposed to several types of dance genres - from Indian classical to Modern, Jazz, and Ballet. Meena and her teachers provide all the students with top notch choreography that embodies complicated techniques and movements along with style and grace. At Nritya Creations, the emphasis is on dance perfection!

Nita D.

The instructors at Nitrya Creations truly know how to fuse multiple dance genres into wonderful artistic creations. Their unique dance choreography makes for an excellent experience for the students and beautiful performances to watch!

Sonali S.



What Happens if a Student Misses a Class?


The Student can take a make up class in another center or another similar level class  in same center if one is offered.

What is the Tuition?


Monthly Tuiton is paid first class of each month for that month and is charged to a valid Visa, MasterCard or Discover Credit Card . We do not accept check or cash payments. We DO NOT require full year’s or half year’s payment up front. Tuition is $80 per month for any one style of dance class. Each class duration is 1 hour and each class is held once a week. If a student takes the integrated training program or takes more than one style, (e.g. Bharata Natyam and Ballet dance classes for 2 separate hours a week) tuition is $140 per month. For 3 separate hours a week for 3 separate styles of class , tuition is $170 per month. The adult Bollywood class and preschooler’s dance class is $60 per month.

What Method of Payment is accepted?


Monthly Visa and Mastercard Billing

Do you teach Bollywood?


Yes we offer Bollywood classes for children, teens, and adults.

How qualified is your teaching staff?


Our Students are taught by accredited, mature dance professionals who bring expertise and years of experience  teaching and choreographing in their respective dance fields. Our Bharata Natyam staff have completed their certification and graduation in formal Bharata Natyam from well renowned Gurus and institutions in India and the  USA  and have been performing and teaching in this style for many years. Our Western dance Staff are pursuing advanced college degrees in Western Dance and have been training, dancing  and competing with premiere US dance companies  since childhood. Please see our Teachers Profiles on our website for details.

Can I stay and watch my child’s progress in class?


Yes, the first class of every month parents are welcome to watch their child’s progress in class. We just ask for a strict discipline and quiet throughout the class, and please no siblings.

Do we give Certification in Dance?


Yes, at the end of each year a student will demonstrate achievement at each level in both Bharata Natyam and Western Dance by demonstrating  successful  skills attained  in each area and will also perform  on stage at the end of year Recital at which time they will be given certificates based on  level  achieved.  All students will be positioned to perform at the School Recital.

Can I take a Free Trial Class before I sign up?


Yes, we offer a free trial class for new students at all our centers.

Why are we different from other schools ?


Our unique and creative dance style which incorporates the fundamentals of both Indian Classical dance and Western dance has earned high respect and admiration from dance critics nationally as can be witnessed in the numerous awards and accolades our students have achieved.   Our Staff is passionate about building a strong core dance foundation in each student with proper care, diligence and discipline while making it fun, exciting and contemporary for today’s multicultural student. We maintain good teacher student ratios in our classes so our students can get the attention they need to learn properly and achieve.  Just check out the video of our student performances on our website video page and you can see why our school and our students are different! Our own students’ success is our school’s success!

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