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What Students Will Learn At A Ballet Dance School (Hint, It’s Not Just Dancing)

Many parents sign their children up for dancing lessons so that they can understand different dancing steps, but also so they can have fun and stay active at the same time. However, there are a lot of other things students will gain knowledge of when they sign up with a ballet dance school. Take a few minutes to understand what a student can expect to learn when they take lessons at a local studio.

Students Will Learn How To Concentrate At A Ballet Dance School

Some children have a hard time sitting in a traditional classroom and can be fidgety and bored if they’re expected to sit still while learning. However, in a ballet dance school, children will be able to implement what they’re learning right away while moving their bodies. This can help kids improve their concentration skills since they’ll need to listen carefully in order to get the steps correct. These improved concentration skills can extend into their school classrooms, improving grades and behavior in academic settings.

Students Will Learn History

Ballet has a vast and varied history that stretches back to the 1500s. Although young children likely won’t sit down and pour over history books, they will pick up some history at a ballet dance school. The history of the movements and steps, as well as famous dancers, are usually referenced and studied, especially as students become more advanced. While it’s unlikely that your preschooler will learn about history in their studio (these classes are strictly for fun!), older children should be expected to understand historical references and how these historical figures relate to dancing today.

Students Will Learn About Music And Rhythm

You can’t be a dancer without understanding how music and rhythm relate to dancing. Students will be able to learn about a number of musical styles, including classical pieces by composers such as Tchaikovsky, who is responsible for Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, along with modern music, such as pieces by George Gershwin. Because music and dancing are so heavily intertwined, students who attend a ballet dance school will certainly gain exposure to different musical styles.

Students Will Learn Respect

Lastly, a student enrolled in dancing lessons will learn respect for their instructors, their classmates and themselves. A student must know how to accept corrections respectfully in order to succeed in class. Most teachers strive to create a space that’s respectful and safe, which can give children confidence, even as they’re learning brand new individual steps. This confidence can extend into all areas of a child’s life, giving them the opportunity to be successful. Studies have even shown that children who study the arts are more respectful and cooperative with their peers.

While children will certainly be trained in steps and movements at a ballet dance school, these aren’t the only things they can take away from lessons. Dancing lessons will help children understand how to be disciplined, while teaching them about history and music and how to be respectful of themselves, their instructors and their classmates. If you’re interested in helping your child succeed in all areas of life, call around to some local studios to find the right one that fits your needs.

Chosing the Best Ballet Dancing School for You

People start ballet dancing for many different reasons. Some because Mom wants it, some because they get referred by a doctor and others because they are passionate about it or simply just enjoy movement to music. Whatever your reasons, finding the right school will make all the difference to your ballet dancing experience.

Nowadays, anybody can pose as a ballet dancing teacher, as there is no legist ration in regards to qualifications in this field as yet. The first thing you will need to check is if the teachers are qualified and registered with a reputable organization, for example the Royal Academy of Dance or Cecchetti Society.Ballet dancing teachers who have been trained through these organizations have learned a well-established syllabus, which has a proven track record of providing safe and solid classical ballet dancing training. There are also other good choices, but these are the most well known institutions.

An instructor may have the most glamorous ballet dancing performing credentials, but may not be the best teacher. The ability to dance brilliantly is different from the skills that make a great teacher. A good ballet dancing teacher needs to be able to break down and analyze steps, and be able to explain to and inspire her pupils.

A school that offers classes such as jazz, modern, tap or other dance forms is a plus, but if you want to learn classical ballet, the ballet dancing classes offered should be pure ballet dancing syllabus and nothing else.

All the best schools progress from one level to the next and master skills in a logical order. Ideally your school should follow a graded syllabus that will ensure that you develop a solid foundation of strength and technique for your ballet dancing. The important thing is to be trained in a pleasant environment in which you are comfortable.

Your choice of ballet dancing school should have a disciplined, but cheerful atmosphere. Students should be well groomed and loose clothing should not be allowed, as this hides a multitude of faults from the teacher.

A good teacher will be aware of health and safety for her ballet dancing school. She will work the pupils at their own rate, never forcing their turnout and slowly improving their flexibility. Beware of the school where there is a long sad history of injured pupils. If most of the class has tendinitis at the end of the term, think twice about what’s going on. Sick or injured dancers cannot experience the full joy of ballet dancing.Also check whether the other students are healthy and happy, or frighteningly thin and joyless. How much emphasis is being placed on being thin. A good body esteem should be promoted, and everyone should be made to feel comfortable within their own skins.

The ideal studio space should be large and airy, with a good sprung floor (meaning that there is air space underneath). Wood is normally best for this and should be non slip. The studio should be clean and neat, and a joy to be in.

If you take the above into consideration before signing up with your new ballet dancing school, you are sure to enjoy years of enjoyable dance education.

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Naya Andaz dance show held at New Jersey

 The 1947 Production & Entertainment hosted the 16th annual Jet Airways Naya Andaz dance show on March 1 at the prestigious State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

ntriThe highlight of the show was the presence of television star Rajashree Vaidya–Saloni of Zee TV’s Saat Phere–as chief guest. Her speech and witty dialogues made her an instant hit with the crowd. Jet Airways, which has successfully entered the international travel market by introducing direct flights between USA and India, was the title sponsor of the event.

The organisers, headed by Parzania director Rahul Dholakia and his colleagues Piraan Erachshaw, Sandip Patel, Raju Sethi and Albert Jasani, presented a delightful competition studded with superb dancing talents, pleasing music, and state-of-the-art stage decoration.

Emcee Suresh Menon succeeded in keeping audience in splits. He encouraged Rajashree to share her impressions with the viewers after each performance.

The organisers praised the support from New York Life, Swad, Tilda, Patel Brothers, Dr Navin Mehta, Dr Vithal Dhaduk, Aaj Tak & Headlines Today, Sony Entertainment Television Asia, Urban Tadka of Dimple Group, Globe 7, H R Shah of TV Asia, Sternon Group, India Abroad &, Chowpatty, AVS TV, Emirates Airlines, Make My Trip, Royal Albert’s Palace and T K Travel.

The Naya Andaz competition was held in two categories–Junior (15 years) and Senior (above 15 years), with a total of 16 groups. Rajashree, who also acted as the judge, selected the first, second and third position winners in each category as well as the best choreographer and the best costume based on the participating group’s presentation.

The event also saw the launch of a new radio station on the internet,

I Prize 
Academy: Nritya Creations 
Choreographer: Meena Basu Nag

II Prize 
Academy: Nupur School of Dance 
Choreographer: Madhavi & Pratik Devasthale

III Prize 
Academy: Tisnagi From Ghungroo Creations 
Choreographer: Geeta Mishra

Best Costume 
Academy: Tisnagi From Ghungroo Creations 
Choreographer: Geeta Mishra


I Prize 
Academy: Sudhamani Dance Academy 
Choreographer: Sudha Grover

II Prize 
Academy: Arya Dance Academy 
Choreographer: Reena

III Prize 
Academy: Satrangi School of Fusion 
Choreographer: Rohit Baxi

Best Costume 
Academy: Sudhamani Dance Academy 
Choreographer: Sudha Grover

Best Choreographer 
Academy: Nritya Creations 
Choreographer: Meena Basu Nag

Performers honored for unique dance style

Choreographer combines Indian and western styles
Arhythmic blend of music teamed with a fusion of traditional Indian dance and western dance styles brought top prizes to Nritya Creations Academy of Dance, directed by Meena Basu Nag, at the Naya Andaz competition held on March 1.

Dancers from the Nritya Creations Academy of Dance blend a fusion of traditional Indian dance and western dance styles during their performance at the Naya Andaz competition at the State Theatre in New Brunswick. Dancers from the Nritya Creations Academy of Dance blend a fusion of traditional Indian dance and western dance styles during their performance at the Naya Andaz competition at the State Theatre in New Brunswick.The performers from the Nritya Creations Academy of Dance won the honors of first prize in the senior dance category and best choreographer, after winning in the same areas last year.

Naya Andaz is an international competition held at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, with participants coming from across the United States and Canada, according to its Internet Web site. Having been in existence for 16 years, the competition has more than 3,000 participants and has seen 52 celebrity judges, famous for their work in the Bollywood genre.

Nineteen performers from Marlboro, Middletown, Matawan and Holmdel performed in the competition, according to Nag.

The performers were Shayoni (Mimi) Nag, Geatali Tampy, Anjali Tampy, Varuni Bewtra, Milli Roy, Shilpa Nandwani,AmandaMartinez, Brenda Ayden, Emily Ferreira, Brianna Howard, Jenny Casaletto, Mandi Tse, Katherine Mitchinson, Ananya Sengupta, Meera Sundaramurthy, Sonya Natarajan, Isha Purang, Anupali Bewtra and Amish Gandhi.

“Naya Andaz is an awesome experience and there is nothing better than being awarded first prize. All of our hard work and practice paid off. This year our diverse team became even closer and we bonded so well together like a family,” said Shayoni Nag, 13, of Holmdel.

The members of the dance team are not all of Indian heritage, a fact that Nag said makes the fusion of dance styles work.

“True fusion choreography can only be mastered when diversity is leveraged from the members of the dance team who lend their individual uniqueness and idea to the choreography,” Nag said.

The dances are performed to songs that have been featured in original Hindi movies. This year’s first prizewinning choice was the title track from the 1998 film “Dil Se” by A.R. Rahman.

Nag described the dance as portraying the multi-faceted emotions of love. She said the dance blended the Bharat Natyam, Manipuri and Uday Shankar classical styles with the western styles of tap dance, point ballet, jazz and hip-hop.

The choreographer recalled one judge’s remark that the performers danced from their hearts and were able to beautifully express the anguish, pain and joy of the emotion of love through their dance movements and facial expressions.

Shilpa Nandwani, 15, of Marlboro, was overjoyed at taking home the firstplace prize.

“It was so exciting to see all of our practices, especially those late nights, pay off,” she said.

The young woman began dancing at Nritya Creations three years ago after seeing family and friends practicing with Nag. Shilpa said that prior to viewing Nag’s work she had never seen a combination of classical Indian dance with western styles, and noted that a lot of people are surprised upon seeing the dance for the first time.

Dancer Geatali Tampy, 13, of Matawan, said winning the competition was like a dream come true. She said she would like to participate in Naya Andaz again.

Nag, who said she received her formal training in various styles of Indian dance from several Gurus, and is trained in the western styles of dance as well, founded Nritya Creations in 1990. She also serves as an associate board member of theMonmouth County Arts Council.

The directing and choreographing of dances for her academy are a personal passion for Nag, who said the art form gives her the drive to create new compositions.

At the moment, Nritya Creations does not have its own studio. Nag said she rents studio time at various locations. She expects to have a location in Edison in the near future.

For more information, contact Meena Basu Nag at (732) 598-7079 or view

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Kennedy Plaza Mississippi Ave & The Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ
July 30:  Nritya Creations – Nritya Creations artistically blend various styles of Indian dance with western dance forms, such as jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop.
Nritya Creation just performed a 90 minute concert at Kennedy Plaza ( Boardwalk Hall) in Atlantic City yesterday evening to a crowd of more than 400 people sponsored by the Atlantic City Public Library :

NEW JERSEY: The Broadway style concert was held at North Brunswick High School, New Jersey on the June 21st by Nitrya Creations Dance Academy. The show began with the junior kids followed with adult’s category during the four hour program. For about 200 dancing lovers of filmy music dance it was a memorable evening. Even after four hours, they felt it was very short and they yearned for more. During the show, the audience clapped their hands, tapped their toes and some even joined the artists in humming and singing the songs. Some of the excited audience even sh whistled. The show mesmerized the audience with Jodha Akbar song performance in glittery costumes, the props, and the overall presentation in choreography and synchronization in dance by entire group was similar to Broadway style.  
 Addressing the audience, Meena Basu Nag along with host Sherry Datta and Neha Sadana thanked all dancing stars who performed with brilliant talents in a variety of dances. Among the teaching staff: Shayoni “Mimi” Nag, Allison Spadaro, Kathryn Mitchinson, Shilpa Padhye, Ragini Sridhar Thannmaya Venkat, Anjali Tampy, Tatyana Popova, Varuni Bewtra, Geatali Tampy, Narin Ahmed, Amanda Martinez, and many more for Ballet, Jazz , Hip Hop, and Fusion. The performances stole the hearts of the audience. A special mention was also for Roheet Baxi who efficiently executed the backstage management. Continuing the vote of thanks to the parents, volunteer, media, Sridhar Chillara of TV5, Mana TV and U n I TV for live telecast and all volunteers and Vijay Shah.  
For the jam packed audience, the show added new sequences from classical – Bharatanatyam, Indian Semi- Classical, Fusion and Western dance technique that including Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop and Bollywood styles.  


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