Our Dance Style:

The creative dance style of Nritya Creations artistically blends various styles of Indian Dance such as Bharatanatyam, Oddissi, Manipuri and Kathak with Western Dance forms such as jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop and other cultural dance forms to create a unique and wonderfully pleasing experience of sight and sound. This style of dance is innovative and contemporary yet has the inherent grammar of Classical Indian dance. Graceful body movements, formations and poses are blended with vibrant steps and modern dance movements.



  • Classes Offered at Nritya Creations:
      • Bharatanatyam (Levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced) 
      • Kathak (Levels: Beginners and Intermediate)
      • Ballet/Jazz (Levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced)*
      • Bollywood Fusion for Kids
      • Teen Bollywood Fusion
      • Semi-Classical/Indian Folk Bollywood
      • Bollywood for Adults 
      • Pre-School Dance Bollywood or “Mommy and Me” Pre-School Bollywood ages 3-5 (before Kindergarten)
      • Urban Hip Hop (Boys and Girls, Teens, Adults)
      • Adult Zumba with a Bollywood Twist – Dance Fitness Classes for Adults

           Monthly Tuition: ( Our Academic Year Runs from September to end of June: 10 months)

      • $85 per month for 1 style – average of 4 classes in one month (Choose 1 Style from Bharatanatyam; Kathak; Ballet/Jazz; Urban Hip Hop; Kids Bollywood; Teen Bollywood, or Semi-Classical Bollywood)
      • $145 per month for 2 styles – 8 classes in one month (Choose 2 separate Styles)
      • $185 per month for 3 styles – 12 classes in one month (Choose 3 separate Styles)
      • $65 per month for Adult Bollywood (No further discounts on Adult Bollywood Classes)
      • $75 per month for Pre-School Bollywood (ages 4 and 5) or “Mommy and Me” Pre-School Bollywood(ages 3-5) ( No further discounts on Pre-School Classes)
      • $48 per month for Adult Zumba with Bollywood Twist
      • $10 discount per sibling for Technique Classes (Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Ballet/Jazz, Hip Hop, Kids Bollywood, Teen Bollywood, Semi-Classical Bollywood)

    Go to “Enroll for Academic Year” Menu Bar: Click on the Location of choice, Choose your classes from the Mind and Body Class Schedule for that location, Click on “Sign Up” Button, Open a Parent/Student Account on Mind and Body and Enroll for Classes by clicking on “Enroll Monthly Auto Pay”  button for each Student:  Your Credit Card  will not be charged immediately when you enroll for Auto Pay.  We will set you up for Auto Pay on your credit card from the next “First of the Month” and prorate you from when you start.

    Advanced Classes for Continuing Students and Transfer Students will be by Placement and Audition.

    To Schedule an Advanced Class Placement Audition Call 1-732-598-7079