Our Dance Style:

The creative dance style of Nritya Creations artistically blends various styles of Indian Dance such as Bharatanatyam, Oddissi, Manipuri and Kathak with Western Dance forms such as jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop and other cultural dance forms to create a unique and wonderfully pleasing experience of sight and sound. This style of dance is innovative and contemporary yet has the inherent grammar of Classical Indian dance. Graceful body movements, formations and poses are blended with vibrant steps and modern dance movements.




Ballet was originally founded in Italy in the 15th century and then brought over to France during the reign of King Louis XIV. What started off as a folk dance that was preformed only in the royal courts, eventually transformed into the foundation of Western Dance (Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical). Flexibility, strength, control of the body, stamina, and grace are just some of the factors that the dancer will attain through our ballet technique classes. In the first year we teach the basics that are fundamental for more advanced study. After the first year, we challenge our students to execute difficult choreography and movements that can only be done after a year of intense training. Ballet has helped our students blossom into incredible dancers, and with its partner Bharata Natyam, it has tremendously aided in our plan to win first place in major Bollywood competitions!

* This class is required for all Performing Company Members*




Bharata Natyam originated in South India and is the most ancient of all the classical Indian techniques. Our Bharata Natyam classes are only taught by women who have completed their Arangetram. Here, students learn the very basics at a young age (Pushpanjali), and then with time, advance to complex training (Varna). We focus on the 6 Angas, the 6 Pratyangas, and the 12 Upaangas in every class through repetitive, isolation exercises (Nritta) and expression exercises (Natya). At the advanced level, teachers combine everything they taught their students (Nritya) and create beautiful and intense dances.

*This class is required for all Performing Company Members*




Our bollywood classes are great for pre-schoolers to Adults! Here, teachers choreograph exciting dances to the most popular bollywood songs. This is a great class for pre-schoolers learning their first steps, children and teens who are interested in dancing like the stars on TV, and adults who are looking for a fun way to work out with friends and family! We intend to make each class effective by not only producing complex and interesting choreography, but to also make sure that we teach students correctly and show them proper technique through each movement. We look at every detail from head to toe and this affects dancer’s precision. At Nritya Creations, we pride ourselves on making sure each student understands the movements completely and performs the dance confidently.




Hip Hop was also created in the USA and is also very new. Hip Hop movements can be seen in even bollywood videos. Famous bollywood actor and dancer Hrithik Roshan is a trained Hip Hop dancer and he is known for his exciting and versatile dance moves! We provide our Boys Hip Hop class and our Girls Hip Hop class with similar choreography that always keeps them on their toes! This class is great for learning new and difficult movements to show of to friends and family!




In our fusion classes, we combine both Western styles of dance and Indian styles of dance. We use both styles of music and really focus on correct technique and alignment. This is a great way for students to get the best of both worlds! Here, students will learn to turn and leap like ballerina’s and also perfect their mudras and expressions like the classical Gurus. This class is great for dancers who want to try the newest trend and dance to original, fusion choreography.




Jazz is a young technique that was created in the 1950s in the Mid-West. In order for students to learn Jazz, they need to understand the basics of Ballet; for this, Jazz class is combined with Ballet. Here students will learn choreography that usually is done across the floor and sometimes in the center of the room. Stretching and strengthening are major aspects for jazz dancers because unlike ballet, dancers move through sequences that consist of high jumps and movements done on the floor which resemble break-dancing.