Enroll in 1 Class Style for $100-$110 per month; Enroll in 2 class styles and pay the discounted rate of $180 per month per student! OR Enroll in 3 class styles and pay the discounted rate of $255 per month per student! Sibling Discounts applied for standard classes.

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Welcome to this Nritya Creations location that serves the Parsippany community! For the recreational dancer and the serious dancer, we offer a variety of classes to find you a place within our academy. This location offers traditional Indian Dance forms and western styles of dance as well. Beyond our classical South Asian forms, we also offer fusion classes. While teaching proper technique, we fuse different styles together to allow students to express themselves in new ways through seamless, multicultural choreography. Our highly passionate choreographers and instructors work with each student to ensure proper technique development.

Nritya Creations actively participates in festivals, competitions and shows in the Parsippany community. We offer many opportunities for those students interested in gaining performance experience. Students are invited to participate in our end of the year showcase in which the dancers can show off all that they have learned in class to loved ones. 

Interested in any of our classes in the Parsippany area? Call Nritya Creations on (732) 598-7079 or contact us through our website www.nrityacreations.com.