What is the Kathak Syllabus at Nritya Creations?

Nritya Creations follows a Kathak syllabus adhering to the standardized Kathak syllabus of Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal in India. Nritya Creations teaches Kathak classes at the Beginners Level, Intermediate Level, and Advanced Level. Students completing the Kathak course work may wish to present a Ranga Pravesh stage performance at the end of their training with a live orchestra and receive a diploma for completing the kathak coursework from Nritya Creations. Nritya Creations supports eligible students who wish to work toward their Kathak certification, higher coursework, and prepare for writing their exams which are based on the Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya syllabus. Nritya Creations uses both written exams and practical exams to make sure students continue to progress in the syllabus.

Beginners Level : ( Examples of Content)

  • Introduction of Teentaal
  • Tatkaar / footwork in Teentaal – Thah (slow speed); Dugun (double speed)
  • Ability to recite & perform simple Todas and Chakradaar Todas and two tihais in Teentaal
  • Recite Teentaal Theka on hands
  • Recite Thah, Dugun and Chaugun of Teentaal Theka on hands
  • Define Laya (Vilambit, Madhya, Drut), Sama, Matra, Taali, Khaali, Gat-Nikas, Gat-Palta, Tatkar, Toda, Thaat, Salaami / Rang Manch Pranaam, Baant and Tukda.
  • Identify the symbols of Taal notations.
  • Information and thekas of Dadra and Kerawa Taal.
  • Names & usages of 10 Asanyukta hasta Mudras as per Abhinay Darpan. 
  • In Teental perform: Rangmanch Pranam, simple Thaat, simple Aamad,

simple Todas, Chakradar Todas, Paran

  • Ability to perform one dance in Dadra or Keharwa taal
  •  In Tatkar : Adhi, Barabar, Dugun, Chaugun, Athgun ending with Tihai.
  •  Tatkar Baant ending with proper tihai in Teentaal.
  •  Gat-Nikas: Mor-Mukut, Ghunghat, Bansuri.

Intermediate Level: ( Examples of Content)

  • Four types of neck movements according to Abhinaya Darpan.
  • Definition and uses of Asanyukta Hasta Mudras:
  • Write notations of: All the Todas, Chakradars, Parans, Kavit & Tihai in Teentaal, Zhaptaal and Ektaal.   
  • In Teentaal/Tritaal: Specialization in Teentaal (16 matras)
  • Guru Vandana
  • Thaat, Aamad, Chakradaar Todas (each of minimum 4 Aawartan)
  • Paran, Chakradaar Paran, Kavit Paran, simple Tihai, Chakradaar Tihai
  • Advance presentation of Teental (different than the one presented in Madhyama Pratham).  
  • In Rupak taal (7 beats): One That, one Aamad, two Tihai, three Paran, one Chakradar Paran, four Todas, one Kavit Paran; Thah and Dugun of Tatkar. 
  • Zhaptaal (10 Matras):
  • Abhinaya:
  •  One Thumri set in Teentaal.
  • A poem/ bhajan written by any one of Meera Bai, Kabeer, Tulsidaas, or Surdaas, set in Dadra or Keharwa.
  •  Gat Nikas:

Advanced Level( Examples of Content) 

  • Definition of Nav-Ras.  
  • Four types of Nayak Bhed – Dheeroddhatta, Dhirodaatta, Dheer-lalit and Dheer-Prashant.  
  • Knowledge of four Niyikas from Ashta-Nayikas, namely – Abhisarika, Khandita, Vipralabddha & Proshit-Patika.  
  • Knowledge of Matsya, Kurma, Warah, and Narsimha Avatar from Dashawtar; the stories and Mudras of these Avatars.  
  • Write notations of Aamad, Bedum Tihai, Farmaishi Paran, Chakradar Paran, Tipalli, and Kavit in each of the following Taals: Teental, Zhaptal, and Dhamar Saraswati Vandana  
  • Besides Teentaal, advance presentation of Zhapataal.  
  • Ability to present That, Aamad, two Todas, one Paran, and one Kavit in the following Taals: with Thah, dugun of Theka in Tatkar.
  • Gajazhampa or Choti/Pancham Sawari (15 matras),

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